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The WKF Panel (a group of banks contributing input data for WKF, a BMR compliant benchmark calculated by IRF, Instytut Rynku Finansowego - Financial Market Institute) has just been enlarged by three banks.

Starting June 18 the panel will be composed of 21 cooperative banks. The new panel participants are: Śląski Bank Spółdzielczy Silesia from Katowice, Spółdzielczy Bank Powiatowy from Piaski and Bank Spółdzielczy from Niechobrz.
- A growing number of the WKF panel banks is a great satisfaction for IRF, as an interest rate index administrator - says Tomasz Mironczuk, CEO of the IRF, and he adds: As we follow the situation of other administrators, the number of panel banks remains constant or is even being reduced. It is worthwhile to remind that the latter is one of the reasons for discontinuation of LIBOR.

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